All projects regardless involve numerous steps and processes and managing these is the key to successful timely outcomes. Some of the areas involved include:

  • Selection and vetting of contractors and suppliers
  • Estimation
  • Programming & scheduling
  • Liaison with centre operations for access and services
  • Site labour management
  • Site deliveries, site access, security requirements
  • Waste management and removal
  • OH & S management, requirements and monitoring
  • Council permits for access & placement of bins etc
  • Cleaning
  • Client goods delivery & staff access
  • Reporting and communication throughout the project
  • Pre-handover inspection
  • Handover

Focus will program your project or role out however large or small, manage all the elements involved, including all the areas that need to be integrated but are provided by the client or undertaken directly by the clients staff. The more information we have the better the outcome. Ensuring completion on time and to the standard and specifications you would expect, every time.


Changes in the approval process are constant and it is necessary to ensure this aspect of your fit out is planned. It would make it simple if this process was the same throughout Australia, unfortunately this is not the case. In many states there is Private Certification, effectively, this allows an independent licence decertified to “certify” plans as long as they comply with the relevant codes. This effectively reduces the timing of the process, this has been a something that has been improved and at some stage hopefully this will be something that is available Australia wide.

We are here to help and can either manage this process for you or alternatively we are happy to provide you with contacts for you to use directly.

Whatever your choice, there is no way to avoid this integral part of any fit out. Approvals and certification can impact the completion of your project, so it’s extremely important to get this right.

Project Management

Management of the myriad of processes that are required to achieve the timely completion of any project is not simple. There is no replacing experience. Our Project Management team have been doing this for years, we have the runs on the board to prove it.

Our clients, staff and contractor teams are testimony to our effective Project management process. We guarantee we will complete your project on time!


The installation of the joinery items for any fit out starts well before the joinery arrives on site.  Planning and Set Out of the works is integral, as is the management process, checking and inspection of the goods for quality and accuracy.

Certification and Documentation

Certification of any project is dependent on the location, the local council requirements as well as what type of installation it is. In most instances a minimum will be an Occupation certificate which will be required prior to trade.

Documentation requirements for each project vary, but again it is important that there are no surprises.Your project will run smoothly when all of the documentation, paperwork and approvals are completed and submitted as a matter of course.

If you have any questions or concerns please ask.