The proper, timely and managed maintenance of any project or premises to ensure they look good and remain functional at all times.


We warranty all our work. Generally this is for a period of 12 months on any project completed by Focus Shopfit. Your warranty will cover all the works and materials undertaken during the process of the fit out. General “wear and tear” are obviously not covered, but we are more than happy to attend to this under maintenance.

Warranty is something you should expect, but should never take for granted. You may be very surprised with the responses you get if you ask about warranty, always ask!

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance is something we all detest, a little like insurance, we know that it’s required but would prefer not to have to do it. We know through experience that people who avoid regular maintenance, incur increased capital expenditure as a result.

If you are interested we will cater a maintenance contract specifically to suit your requirements. Because we have people working in your area regularly, we can avoid call out costs in this way.

You would never consider not taking out insurance, think carefully about maintenance and the possible benefits of a maintenance contract to protect your capital investments.


There are areas of maintenance that will benefit from regular scheduled preventative maintenance. This could form a part of a maintenance contract or can be considered separately.  Regular servicing will provide longevity and ensure you have faultless use of your equipment as and when you want for many years.


Reactive maintenance is the lowest common denominator type of maintenance and as such is the most costly form. The misnomer is that it is the cheapest form. Reactive maintenance is fix it when it breaks. These repairs are inevitably URGENT and as such incur call out fees and also are generally more expensive as the damage is greater or whatever has “failed” will have also damaged something else in the process.

An interesting exercise that few undertake because it is depressing is to quantify the impact of reactive repairs or maintenance, don’t forget to include the impact these have on your business and staff costs. Business interruption can be extremely expensive.

We obviously are happy to assist you with all your repairs and maintenance regardless of what way you choose to manage it.

We will provide you with regular feedback and input on how to prevent or reduce your maintenance costs. This may lead to changes in your design, specifying a different product that is more suitable. There is no sense in using a cheaper product or item at the outset if it increases your overall maintenance costs.