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Focus team is very proud to announce that Arcy Dela Cruz, one of our estimators, has recently completed a degree in Master of Science in Construction Management. At an age of 25 years old he took the initiative to prepare himself for supervisory and managerial opportunities in the construction industry. The team is looking forward to see what other great things he can contribute to the team.

Focus on education

Another win for the Focus Team as one of our members was awarded 2nd place in a creative writing contest. Grace joined us only two months ago and has already shown so much potential not only in her role as Setter Out but has also showcased some of her other talents like creative writing. This was an eye-opener highlighting that each and every one of us has their own set of unique skills that if shared can be used to lead and inspire others.

Grace shows her creative side..

The official opening of Halls Head Central occurred on Thursday 17th March.  The new centre boasts over 50 specialty stores, plus a brand new Coles, Kmart, Alfresco Dining Precinct & Children’s Playground.  With a total of 5 projects in this development, Focus Shopfit is proud to have been a part of the process and would like to thank all those involved.  If you look closely in the Official Opening picture you will see OPSM, one of our projects located prominently in the background.

Halls Head Central – official opening

3 years ago a group of 5 people gathered around a boardroom table in  a friend’s offices in West Perth and started this company. Now, we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary.  Thanks to all the clients who put their faith in us, we do not take this lightly or for granted.  We are grateful to a great team dedicated to service and quality understanding that their part in the business is equally important to any other.  Cheers to more successful years to come, congratulations to all.

Happy Birthday Focus!

A successful company relies on a team of people that is committed and united in a common goal.

Here is a shot of a few of the team behind the Focus experience we strive to provide for our clients, basking in the glorious West Australian sunshine outside the     Wangara office and storage facility. Those missing due to workload, distance or timing and you know who you are form an integral part of the group. Maybe we could   have photo shopped in the other 15, but then we would not see the vehicles, another time….

A sunny day in WA

Following a thorough fit out, Flight Centre opened its new hyper store in July at Rundle Mall with its latest design highlighted. Thanks to the FOCUS Team who efficiently worked together to provide the clients exactly what they deserve – the best!

Hanneke Luman, Flight Centre’s Retail Project Manager, was impressed with the overall outcome. In an email sent to Trevor Gamble, the Operations Manager, she said of the team and the store, “Thank you to Aaron, yourself and all the guys behind the scenes for doing such an awesome job.” (H. Luman, personal communication, July 9, 2015).
Once again, congratulations to Focus Shopfit for a job well done!

New Hyper Store

The team were far too busy to be able to down tools altogether, but none the less we made the most of it with a quick lunch while a few who were around watched the race in the meeting room.  The sweep was a great success and congratulations to Laureenda for taking out the top prize.  The addition of the mystery bets added some excitement to the day as everyone scrambled to see if their horse was listed on the TAB receipts.  At least they paid out for a few lucky employees.  Thanks to Li Ai for the lunch & making and effort to dress the part.  So until next year.

Melbourne Cup Day

The appointment of Stuart Hubrich and the commencement of the NSW branch of Focus Shopfit is very exciting. Stuart has loads of experiences and this gives us quick access to our clients and projects on the eastern coast of Australia.  It is early days as yet, but we are already establishing a good network of contractors and suppliers and have commenced a number of projects through this office. The two branches will work closely together to ensure none of the existing IP is lost.  We look forward to working with new clients on the east coast as well as continuing with our existing clients.  We will not be limited to NSW, it will just be another hub for the business. Please give us a call on 1300 373 373 and see what we can do for you.

Focus Shopfit commences in NSW