Talk to us:

We encourage our clients and potential clients to engage with us well in advance. We can provide valuable information that will save time and cost. We believe that the more information and knowledge that is available the better opportunities there are to provide solutions and alternatives. For this reason we value the opportunity to sit with our clients and discuss the short and long term planning so that we in turn have the ability to customise what we offer accordingly.

The areas involved in planning include:

Design – we do not employ any designers, however we have access to a number of very qualified designers who we can engage to undertake your works. Retail & commercial design is a very specific process and it is our experience that there are designers who have greater experience, knowledge and expertise is certain specific areas or aspects of this broad category. In addition we suggest that you engage us early so that we can work side by side with you and the designers. Ultimately doing this will save you time, money and frustration. Ultimately if we are involved, you will require less detail in your design which reduces the design costs. Also, issues get resolved during the process and materials and methodology can be established and incorporated, reducing cost and time.

Contract Management – we have experience in the management, planning and execution of a wide range of projects over a long period of time. This experience, planning and expertise provides you with a seamless outcome. We appreciate that our clients have better things to do than worry about their fit outs. Our attention to detail will guarantee that the delivery and handover of your completed project will occur on time, stress free and clean, all ready for stocking. A thorough pre-handover inspection will have been completed in readiness for your completion inspection.

Value Engineering – we will find a solution that matches your needs. Often it can be a conglomeration of a number of methods put together that could best suit your circumstances. It is unusual for us to simply undertake a project and do what a client has initially requested. Experience, industry knowledge and resources provide us with the opportunity to manage outcomes to achieve valuable benefits by suggesting alternate methods and or processes, all designed to reduce our clients expenditure and reduce the overall time required to undertake the fit out works. Our aim is to provide our clients with the very best return on investment for the capital expenditure.

Joinery Manufacture & Procurement

Focus Shopfit, no longer have an in house manufacture facility. This has been a deliberate choice with the new structure and allows us to be far more flexible and reactive while being able to contain overhead costs.

We have worked hard to find small joinery manufacturers throughout the country who are willing to work with us to provide our clients with the quality and service we require. Having years of knowledge and backgrounds in joinery manufacture ensures that we can work with our suppliers to achieve the requirements of our clients.

We have retained our in house Set Out, so that we have control of the planning and are still able to produce working drawing as they are required. In addition to this,Gary Ford oversees the quality control from our joinery suppliers. Gary has intimate knowledge in this area as he was the Production Manager in charge of the manufacturing facility and overseeing up to 40 joiners in the previous business. We know this model works and it is proving to serve our needs and those of our clients well.

In addition to this local supply chain, we have established tried and tested offshore joinery supply contacts. This allows us to have the ability to mix and natch and offer cost effective options when volume and timing suits. For the best outcomes, contact us and let’s have a discussion about you particular plans so that we can create a manufacture and procurement model that suits your project and plans specifically. There is no one model that suits everyone. The best outcomes are structured specifically to meet your unique requirements, it will cost you nothing to tap into our experience and networks.


The best way to achieve what you are aiming for is to talk it through. We would love to take some time to discuss your plans with you, regardless of how large or small. There are always options. The collective knowledge and experience of the Focus Shopfit team will provide you with options to consider that will provide you with a cost structure that meets your requirements. Considering methods, format, materials, design and timing in a creative way.

Give us a call and let’s talk it through, the outcome may surprise you.