Why Focus?

There are many reasons why you could choose Focus to provide you with your planning, execution and maintenance works in the retail or commercial areas.  Below are just a few.  The best way to get a feel for people is face to face though, so please give us a call so we can arrange to meet with you and discuss your specific requirements and how we may be able to work with you to achieve the outcomes you require.

Ian Gamble
Managing Director

  • Experience.  We have been in this industry for many years and know what we are doing.
  • High expectations.  We are constantly reviewing our processes and procedures in order to continually improve.  Our expectations for service, delivery and quality are very high.
  • Individual.  There can be significant value in taking the time to consider your individual project in the scheme of your overall plans.  By taking the time to discuss these with you we are better able to establish exactly how we can best service your requirements.
  • Personal.  It is important to us to provide you with a complete and personal service, ensuring your requirements are met each time.  One size does not fit all!
  • Cost.  There is a solution for every circumstance and there are always options worth consideration and discussion.  Give us the opportunity to find the solution that works best for you.
  • Partnership.  Our business relies on the success of our clients businesses.  We are genuinely interested in doing whatever is possible to enable your business to grow, be profitable and be sustainable for the long term.
  • Reputation.  Our clients, employees, contractors and suppliers are the gatekeepers of our reputation and we want to be certain when our company is talked about it is always in favourable terms.  We will very happily provide new and potential clients with the names and contacts of existing clients so that our credentials may be confirmed.
  • Time.  Programs and schedules are there to be met, not “aimed for” and when we hand over a project it is without a team of trades working around clients staff during stocking!